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Tamora Pierce - the transcript of her signing on 03-12-04 in Columbus, Ohio

~~crossposted in my livejournal (sorry, those on my friends list)~~

Follow these links and it'll take you to a series of livejournal entries I've backdated. Or, you could simply go to my userinfo, click on my memories, and read the ones filed under "Tamora Pierce."

Note that typos are mine, but I've made a direct transcript, meaning that I don't clean up Tammy's stuttering or "Ummm"s or anything. I've written everything I hear on the tape.

Introduction and Questions 1 & 2

The questions adressed in this section are:
+ Can I record this session?
+ Can we take pictures?
+ What happens between Daine and Numair (NEW INFORMATION!)
+ Do Daine and Numair get married?

Questions 3 & 4

The questions in this section are:
+ How do you pronounce Alan? (a-LAHN or AL-an)
+ Where do you get ideas for your names?

Questions 5, 6, 7, & 8

The questions in this section are:
+ Are Aly & Nawat going to get together, even though he's a crow?
+ Why did Buri leave the Riders when she married Raoul?
+ Where did you get the idea for girl heroes in general?
(note: Tammy rambles a LOT in this last question - v. interesting things!!)
+ Why did you create Briar, if your emphasis is on girls?

Questions 9, 10, & 11

The questions in this section are:
+ Will Varice be in the Numair-book?
+ Which was your favorite/least favorite book to write? (NEW INFORMATION)
+ Why did Leaf have to die? (NEW INFORMATION)

Questions 12 & 13

The questions in this section are:
+ Who would you recommend as publishing companies?
+ What was your favorite fantasy book growing up? (v. interesting for a Pierce vs. Tolkien assessment!)

Questions 14, 15, 16, & 17

The questions in this section are:
+ Where did you get the idea for Ben Ladradun?
+ Do you have a say in the cover art for you books?
+ Where did you get the idea for crystal-coated coal?
+ Where did you get the idea for Joren?

Questions 18, 19, & 20

The questions in this section are:
+ Where did you come up with the shikusen?
+ How do you keep your plots from repeating themselves?
+ Where did you get your ideas for the gods and goddesses?

Questions 21, 22, & 23

The questions in this section are:
+ Why did Alanna and Jonathan have to fight?
+ What is your favorite mythology?
+ In CoM, which element matches which character?

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A huge thank you! Taht was so interesting, and cool as well - like another story, in a way - to hear Tammy talk. Thanks! :)
out of curiosity has anyone in this group actually met tammy...because she really is wonderful in person. I have stories about when my friends and I met her... ~sigh~ it was..amazing...
How many time have you read Tricksters choice?
Before I posted this: once. Since then, two or three times. Out of curiosity: why do you ask?